Specialists in Recovering and Reprocessing Technical Synthetic Fibres

Davy Textiles Ltd are specialists in recovering, reprocessing and trading technical synthetic fibres and we can provide a wide range of services to the industry.

We have been operating at our Bradford location since 1895. Our wealth of knowledge and experience has been passed on through the generations to this present day. The company has kept evolving by adapting to new developments of fibres and processes to keep our standards and performance at the optimum level.

Initially, the company recycled primarily wool threads in 1895, however over the years this has expanded to a wide range of both natural and high performance synthetic fibres and we will keep continually conforming to the latest trends in the market. The original mill in Bradford today processes primarily for itself, but does still undertake commission processing. Nowadays, the main production within the ‘mill’ is the recycling of Para-aramid, Meta-aramid, PPS, PBO, Carbon fibre, Preox, PBI and other technical fibres.

We also have the facilities to do commission work for more traditional fibres such as standard synthetics, wool, silk, cashmere and other speciality fibres.

We have a wide variety of processes at our disposal; opening, cutting, scouring, garnetting, carding and random cutting facilities’ for virtually any fibre and we also undertake precision cutting of tops and tow. Alongside this we also have facilities for crimping and cutting lines for the production of synthetic staple fibres. Davy Textiles is now the longest established and largest garneting company in Europe.

Our Bradford office is involved in both the buying and onward sale of fibres and wastes and sells much of its production to customers worldwide.