We deal with a wide range of fibres from high performance fibres such as Meta and Para Aramid, Preox, PBO, Polyester, PTFE, UHMWPE, PPS, PBI, Carbon Fibre, wool threads, saddle flocking and yarns and many more fibrous components.

Technical textiles can be described as products intended for use rather than apparel, where the fibrous component of fabric is selected mainly for its properties and performance characteristics rather than its aesthetic appearance.

Depending on the customers’ requirements we have the capabilities to process the fibre in a variety of ways. See processing.


Aramid Preox Carbon Fibre PBO PPS PBI Polyester Saddle Flocking Other Fibres



Aramid fibers are a class of heat-resistant, low flammability and exceptional strong synthetic fibers. There are various classifications of aramid fibers that have been developed over the years.

At Davy Textiles Ltd we purchase, commission process and sell aramid fibres in various forms such as:

  • Fibre
  • Filament
  • Clip
  • Garneted
  • Pulled
  • Yarn
  • Redundant ballistic vests/body armour




Meta-Aramid is essentially a fibre that is heat and flame retardant. It does not melt or burn and doesn’t downgrade therefore it is able to perform admirably to long term heat coverage. It is an exceptional thermal insulator and has outstanding chemical resistance. Meta aramid is a diversely functional fibre with an array of applications, apparel uses include heat and flame protective clothing and industrial uses include filter bags along with many other high performance processes.



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New Para Aramid


Para-Aramid is a high performance fibre. The key component separating it from other synthetic fibres is its superior strength to weight properties. Para aramid offers 8 times higher tensile strength than steel. It comprises a unique arrangement of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, excellent durability and thermal stability. It is highly valued across a wide range of industries for the benefits it brings to many high performance applications. It is widely used in various applications such as protective apparel, rubber materials, fibre optics, construction reinforcements and marine composites.


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new crimp cut preox

Preox is a form of fibre with high temperature resistance and high thermal insulation along with excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance and very good electrical insulation behaviour. The applications of Preox are often for light to heavy protection and insulation material.





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Carbon Fibre

Carbon fibre is a modern high performance fibre. It is extremely strong and light fibre reinforced polymer which contains carbon fibres. It is used in applications where components need to be mechanically robust but still lightweight, so it is extremely useful in the transportation industry.
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We receive and trade PBO as chopped fibre, staple fibre, spun yarn and continuous filament. PBO is a gold fibre with an initial modulus that is considerably higher than other high modulus yarns, including aramids.

Among PBOs desirable properties are high tensile strength,  high thermal stability, low creep, high chemical resistance, high cut and abrasion resistance and tremendous resistance to stretch after repeated folding.
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Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) fibers combine moderate temperature resistance with excellent chemical resistance. PPS fibres also have very good flame resistance. The excellent chemical resistance makes it very attractive for industrial applications, especially for filtration.
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PBI is a synthetic fibre with outstanding thermal and chemical stability. The fibre will not burn in air, it does not melt or drip and it will retain its strength.
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We will accept polyester in various forms such as rolls, bobbins and fibre. Polyester fibres are particularly resistant to light and weather and can withstand climatic effects. Where lightness and fineness are key requirements for the application, polyester provides these components. Along with these factors, polyester has the ability to dry quickly.




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Saddle Flocking

saddle flocking 2

We are one of the biggest saddle flocking manufacturers in the UK. We provide for many Saddlemakers based in the UK and overseas. We have four main types, ranging from synthetic blends to 100% fleece wool. There is no minimum or maximum order required for flocking, we will adjust to the customers’ requirements. We can supply a quick and efficient service for any saddle flocking order.

The company trades locally here in West Yorkshire to an international scale all over the globe in Europe (France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy) Asia (China, Mongolia, India, Pakistan and South Korea) and North America (USA, Canada and Mexico).

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Other Fibres

  • Carpet Threads
  • PTFE

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